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Delouis Mustard with Garlic and Parsley, 7 oz

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Delouis French-style mustard with a classic combination of parsley and garlic creates a wonderfully savory condiment. With parsley's bright, slightly bitter, peppery, herbaceous taste and garlic's earthy spiciness intensifies this mustard taste, this combination makes for the perfect all-around mustard for any dish.

The smooth and full-flavored quality garlic & parsley mustard will make for a great condiment to your sandwich, dressing for your salad, and an excellent base for a marinade. Delouis mustard is a perfectly versatile addition to any pantry, bringing the traditional French gourmet herb and garlic to your favorite condiment.

  • Ingredients:  Mustard seeds, alcohol vinegar, water, garlic (12%), parsley (10%), salt.
  • Product of France